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Clothing as an identity

Clothing is an unspoken language. It is means of self-expression to convey a long explanation of where from, and what to have done in a short glimpse. Like a rhythm or accent, it often determines the mood and constitutes one's identity.

Societies, where practical perspectives are prioritized, don't esteem the value of clothing. However, even in the case that style and design are ignored, people tend to look at messages on T-shirts. In any case, we have to acknowledge that clothing is a way of expressing who we are.

One day, I thought, without a tie, men have little variants to show their style while there are sophisticated pink spectrums in the skirts at the market for women. And I found that determinants of style do not lean on what to add on, but rather what to take off but him or herself. Our memory of someone is indeed deeply rooted in one's look and feel. Considering that the way of clothing varies upon every single man even though there are not enough tools to play with, clothing is regarded as a signatory feature to imprint one's memory for the long-term. No wonder why royal families put such emphasis on clothing and choose colour/design with profound stories.

In short, appropriate clothing starts from finding ourselves. In the end, we can only survive by other peoples' minds. When we go out to meet someone, clothing is a matter of how we will be remembered for a long. It is not just a surface thing as it seemed. Then, grab a piece that right fits into yourself and live long in someone else's memories.

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